Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Israel, Stop Killing Civilians!

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has finally descended into nothing more than a sado-masochistic sisyphisian exercise on both sides.

That Hamas can sleep at night believing the mickey mouse rockets they lob into Israel will some day set them free is pathetic. At best these are young men making their bones against a giant oppressor that they have no intention of slaying. Winning may not be an option -- but looking like a stud sure beats crying like a baby. Or does it? It's time for some creativity.

Defenders of Israel's slaughter of civilian women and children fall back on the stunningly superficial notion that the people of Gaza are simply paying the price for tolerating Hamas. This idea is as ignorant and self serving as it is immoral. We know the equations -- generals and politicians barter the support of paranoid Israeli citizens by making it clear that the price for one Israeli life will be 100 Palestinian lives. This is not unique to Israel, it's the hubris of ownership and we in the United States know it well. Possession is 9 tenths of the law, so the saying goes, and apparently it is also justification for just about any atrocity. Just ask George Bush.

The problem is this is both savage and boring
, and the only people paying the price for this stupidity are those who get caught in the middle. The equation needs to change, people need to demand new direction from their leadership, or lead themselves. Oh yes, you can.


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