Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tears For Fears

Here's a rant.

I'm not particularly supportive of a Hillary Clinton presidency. However, here's a middle finger to all the members of the press who rushed to imply that Clinton had suffered a 'Muskie Moment' when she misted up while responding to a question about the personal difficulties of running such an intense campaign. The implication, of course, is familiar -- once the nation sees a woman getting 'emotional' (code-word: hysterical) on the national stage they will be spooked into the conservative notion that a woman cannot be trusted with her finger on the button. The problem is this -- the press never waited for someone to actually attribute this regressive notion to. In this new era of Fox-Standard reporting the pundits and news reporters become the sources and attribute these attitudes back and forth among themselves. When you 'report' that a particular person has made a specific statement then the public has the opportunity to agree, disagree, or at least consider the source. So what source are we supposed to be considering here? Ahhh ...

Let's shed our tears for the death of independence and integrity in journalism!

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