Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Of Course It Works ...

...it's torture!

All you need to do is examine the glazed videotaped faces of captured American soldiers from past conflicts (Iraq, Vietnam, take your pick), taking direct responsibility for American Imperialistic Foreign Policy, while using language and speech patterns completely unrecognizable to their families, friends and commanders. They too confessed, so it must have worked. The fact that what they confess to more than likely bears no relationship with reality matters little as long as it plays well to the home audience. If you start pulling my fingernails out one by one and I'll tell you whatever you need to know. Simulate my death by drowning and I'll tell you who shot Kennedy, Malcom X and JR.

Well, now you are the home audience so you decide, but remember, karma can be a real bitch.

If my clever comments don't convince you, here is a more articulate article about torture from the Washington Post: 5 Myths About Torture


At 5:45 PM, Blogger Marco Inz said...

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At 5:47 PM, Blogger Marco Inz said...

Glad you're writing again...I had read some of your old stuff, so it's good to know you're here again.

Didn't some republican candidate want to stop torture because he had experienced it himself in Vietnam? Wasn't he McKane(?)? If also Republicans got to the point, you can be sure you're right!

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Alec The Bee said...

Ciao Marco!

Yes, McCain was a POW and was tortured in Vietnam. I think he understands karma like no one else in this regard. In fact, he's the only one of these criminals who has experienced war fist hand. The fact is that politicians almost never send their sons and daughters into war in this country -- the military is a form of indentured servitude for the working class who hope top survive their service in order to receive college grants or career opportunities their economic status would otherwise negate. If upper-middle class families sent their sons and daughters to war in the same numbers you can be assured that this war never would have happened.


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